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Easily view, markup, measure and share CAD data in a highly customizable, open format that anyone can use

The Technical Data Package (TDP) Format

Deliver MIL-STD-31000 TDP’s using 3D PDF files that clearly communicate:

  • Form – 3D Geometry
  • Fit – Views and PMI
  • Function – Text, Metadata, etc.


The simplest possible definition of 3D PDF is that it is a PDF file that happens to contain 3D data in one of two supported formats. That is all there is to it – its just a PDF file. But a very remarkable file.

3D PDF combines dynamic, rich 3D data with metadata, text, images, video and forms in a PDF document. These 3D PDF files are compact, secure and easy to share. 3D PDF documents are completely interactive and can be annotated and measured using the Adobe Reader and Acrobat applications. This powerful, easy to use format is transforming how we communicate engineering data today.

3D PDF is completely open and is documented as part of the PDF ISO standards family. For more information on the standards, check them out here at our Resources page.


In 2010 the U.S. Department of Defense, in conjunction with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) began to push a concept called the Model-Based Enterprise or MBE. Simply stated, MBE is a business strategy for taking a complete Model-Based Definition (MBD) and using it to create publications. The primary publication is something called a Technical Data Package or TDP, described more fully here.

Making the most of your data assets means delivering information in a variety of different ways, but principal among them is the publication of re-purposed engineering information in the form of PDF files that contain 3D.

If you are considering an MBE strategy, you cannot be successful without including the use of 3D PDF as part of your approach. If you want to know more, check out our section on MBE located here.


For decades, publications that dealt with engineering information were static 2D documents. In 2005, that all changed.

Adobe added support for complex 3D data to PDF, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader in 2005 and in the process opened up a new way to think about leveraging 3D in engineering publications.

If you want to leverage your investment in 3D data, and improve the performance of a wide variety of common workflows, all supported by international standards and the most widely used software application in the world, you need to understand what 3D PDF is, and how it can work for you.

This site is here to help. Explore. Learn. Act.

Who We Are

The Consortium is community of organizations representing a broad cross-section of industry and institutions. We have both small and large end user companies, software developers and systems integrators as members of the consortium. Our member companies are passionately dedicated to 3D ubiquity and working together to make that happen.

3DPDF Consortium Member Logos

What We Do


For many of our members, we are the face of the 3D PDF industry to the standards community. The Consortium collects industry needs and priorities and participates in the ISO standards development for the following formats:

  • PDF (ISO 32000)
  • PDF/E (ISO 24517)
  • PRC (ISO 14739)
  • ECMAScript and ECMAScript 3D (ISO NWI)

For more information, please visit the Standards page.

Implementor Forum

The 3D PDF Implementor Forum is a community of member software development companies dedicated to providing high quality 3D PDF files for use in commercial work flows.

Forum members are provided access to industrial test models and commercial validation software to test their 3D PDF software applications. All test results are privately disclosed to each participating company. The aggregate results are reviewed by the Forum and the Forum encourages members to work together to develop best practice recommendations for reading and writing 3D PDF files.

To accomplish this, the Implementor Forum provides a safe harbor environment that encourages communication between its members.

For more information, please visit the
Implementor Forum page.

Implementor Forum

The Consortium is a community of organizations representing a broad cross-section of industries and institutions. Our focus is on meeting the needs of those members in a variety of ways. We place the priorities of the users of 3DPDF enabled platforms and solutions first, and strive to find ways to leverage knowledge and priorities across industries.

For many of our members, we are the face of the 3D PDF industry to the standards community. We believe that by informing the larger community, and developing resources to meet their needs,  we can use our membership strength to continuously develop and provide resources that facilitate greater levels of usage of 3D PDF in professional workflows.


Combined experience

The Consortium collects industry needs and priorities, develops the necessary technical resources to foster implementation and generates awareness of the opportunities 3D PDF has to deliver significant business benefits.



Industries We Serve

Distinctly diverse industries such as Shipbuilding, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Geospatial, Education, Manufacturing and Aerospace share common plant and 3D PDF process applications.

Bringing those industries together as members of the 3D PDF Consortium creates a forum for sharing both challenges and successes.  Our growing membership base strengthens and ultimately facilitates greater levels of 3D PDF usage in the work place.

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