Tetra 4D, Adobe, Tech Soft 3D and PROSTEP will discuss how the new 3D PDF Consortium is working to ensure development toolkits, Acrobat, and the free Adobe Reader continue to evolve in support of the ongoing development of PDF/E and the PRC data format as open, published ISO standards. Comprised of software vendors, developers and end users, the consortium will provide a unified voice for all who share a common vision of 3D PDF as the standard to reuse 3D and other engineering data with anyone, anywhere with the free Adobe Reader.

Join us in the 3D PDF Consortium Tech Suite on Friday April 15, 2011 at 10:45am or 2:15pm to hear more about the 3D PDF Consortium and how your organization can be part of process of defining the future of 3D PDF.  The full COFES 2011 agenda can be found here.