The Future of 3D Data Exchange, Collaboration, Archiving, and Retrieval of Engineering Information

May 5, 2011 Update

Greetings from the 3D PDF Consortium
On behalf of the newly formed operating board, I’d like to thank everyone for such strong initial response and support. The interim operating board met at COFES on April 14th. In our first meeting we agreed to a timeline for hiring an executive director and an initial plan of operations for the next three months. The board is currently working to define our operating budget. Beginning in June, we will begin the active search for an executive director.

Most of the recipients of this email attended our meeting at COFES or signed up on the 3D PDF Consortium website. Several others are from my personal list of industry leaders whom I know to be interested in the future of 3D PDF. Going forward, we’ll use the email list from registered members. So if 3D PDF is important to your business strategy, and you want to receive updates, please sign up at

Please forward this email to your colleagues and customers who might be interested in the Consortium. Together, we can move our industry toward a common, open standard for 3D data exchange, publishing of technical documentation and the long term archiving and retrieval of critical 3D and other engineering data. Again, on behalf of the board, thank you for your interest and support.

On behalf of the board,



Greg Baker


Tetra 4D

3D PDF Whitepapers

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3D PDF Whitepapers Portfolio

As promised to those who attended our Tech Suite briefing at COFES, we’ve included several informative Whitepapers in a PDF Portfolio. You can click the image to the right to download the PDF Portfolio. website.
FAQ Now Posted
We’ve also posted a Frequently Asked Questions document based on the questions we received at COFES. You can read the FAQ posted here.
The 3D PDF Consortium is a sponsor of the Collaboration and Interoperability Congress – May 23-25 in Denver Colorado

CIC Logo

The 3D PDF Consortium is a proud sponsor of this great annual event put on by Longview Advisors. This is a key event in the United States for those concerned with the reliable exchange of 3D data. Several speakers at the event will be discussing their use of 3D PDF. If you plan on attending, please come by our booth! More information on CIC can be found here.
About the 3D PDF Consortium

The 3D PDF Consortium organization is focused on the ongoing development of the ecosystem of industry-specific companies and end-users, various international standards organizations, governmental organizations, software vendors, systems integrators, and developers with a vested interest in seeing 3D PDF and the PRC data format continue to be developed as a truly open standard for visualization, collaboration, data exchange, and the long term archiving and retrieval of engineering, manufacturing,AEC/BIM, geospatial, and scientific and cultural and historical information.

The 3D PDF Consortium is responsible for collating the requirements of its constituent members and providing input to the various standards organizations – in particular, ISO, AIIM, and NIST – in the ongoing development of the standards for 3D PDF, the PRC data format, and PDF/E 2.0.


Warm Regards,

Greg Baker
Tetra 4D