Is “visualization” not providing you with the benefits you need?

It has become common to use the term “visualization” to describe the process where a Model-Based Definition (MBD), is “leveraged” by providing a lightweight version of the original data for use in a variety of job roles, typically – but not always – “downstream” of engineering. While some organizations have determined how to extract value from this, the fact is that most organizations soon discover that to truly leverage the MBD data, more than the geometry and certain labels, such as GD&T in manufacturing, has to be provided to the downstream user, and that this data usually is different for different job roles.

The purpose of this white paper is to make the case that visualization is important, and when applied to those use cases where it fits best, is a necessary part of a model based engineering (MBE) strategy. However, it does not address a large number of use cases, and here something we call “communication” becomes highly relevant, even critical, to a successful MBE strategy.

Check out the white paper in the Resources section to find out why.