Recently, I was fortunate to once again participate in a week of meetings known as “PDF Week”. These PDF Week meetings typically take place twice a year. During this time, delegations from ISO national members meet to work on developing the various PDF ISO standards. This year, the meetings took place at the Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna.

The first day of the meetings was focused on development of PRC and the second edition of the PDF/E formats. These two formats are critical to 3D PDF; PRC specifies how engineering data can be stored in a PDF file, while PDF/E -2 defines archival requirements for PDF engineering documents. The highlight of this day for me was confirmation that the PRC standard has been approved and is in the ISO publication process. This has been quite a time in the making and I am optimistic that the standard will be published and available by the end of the summer.

Standardization of the PRC specification is really quite exciting. The acceptance of PRC as an ISO standard can only further its adoption in industries such as Defense and Aerospace. Organizations now have an open, cost effective alternative to proprietary CAD formats for visualizing, communicating and archiving of 3D data.

All ISO documents are identified by a reference number.  This information is very useful if you want to research or purchase a standard.  The reference numbers for the 3D PDF standards are:

PDF: ISO 32000-1:2008

PDF/E: ISO 24517-1:2008

PRC: ISO 14739-