The 3D PDF Consortium has created an Implementor Forum to provide a neutral testing environment to ensure that 3D PDF continues to meet the needs of the Model Based Enterprise (MBE). The 3D PDF Implementor Forum (3DPDF-IF) develops two test rounds per year where participants are provided with a set of reference CAD data files that they convert to 3D PDF.  These 3D PDF files are then validated against the original CAD data to ensure that the data presented in the PDF file is equivalent to the data in the original CAD model.  The results of each test round are used as input for best practices and feedback to the ISO working groups for 3D PDF standards (PDF, PDF/E, PRC and ECMAscript).

So that we can better understand the current state and needs of the Model Base Enterprise (MBE), the Industy Committee of the 3D PDF Consortium has created an on-line survey to gather feedback on what funcationlity should be tested in the upcoming 2014b test round. The survey is open to anyone in the engineering, manufacturing or AEC industries.

è To take the survey please go to: