As I talk to companies that use 3D PDF, I find many users in the supply chain consider it the best thing since the invention of CAD.  Finally, technical CAD information can be shared with all members of the enterprise that do not have CAD at a very, very low cost.

The feedback I get from companies that are embracing 3D PDF as a major part of their MBE strategy is they get a lot of assistance from the Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) that are members of the 3D PDF Consortium.   That’s great and it makes implementation of MBE easier and less costly.

While I agree that our members contribute to successful implementations of 3D PDF strategies, I think large companies could save even more money by becoming members of the 3D PDF Consortium so they would have direct contact with experienced end users who have benefited by being members.

For example, General Electric Power considers being a consortium member an important part of their MBE strategy because it has an Implementor Forum.  According to Kena Yokoyama:

We went to production with 3D-PDF pretty quickly at GE Power and wanted to make sure we weren’t charting completely independent waters. Having a forum to benchmark our processes in defining our product data and consuming it downstream and a way to influence the quality and speed of 3D-PDF development is critical to our journey with Model Based Enterprise. The 3D-PDF Consortium can be that avenue to benchmark and develop that stronger, collective voice.

And Boeing, one of the founding members of the consortium, has stated the following:

“3D PDF is a key enabler for distributing Model Based Definition designs for military and commercial applications. As an early 3D PDF adopter, Boeing sees the 3D PDF Consortium as the key player in advancing and maturing 3D PDF tools, usage techniques, standards, and education.

So, what is the cost of membership for a Billion-plus revenue company?  Well, memberships start as low as $12,000 for non-governing membership.  With that, large corporations (and all the divisions within the company) have access to the following:

  • Implementor Forum to baseline your MBE implementation
  • Direct communication with other Industry members who have been through the learning curves
  • Direct Input in to improvements and enhancement in 3D PDF technology that can benefit YOUR company
  • Tips on automating TDP creation and dissemination processes

These are just some examples of some of the benefits open to members.

The cost savings associated with benefits such as those listed above could easily amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period of time, especially if used throughout a MBE.  At a minimum cost of $1,000/month, it’s a very cost-effective value proposition.

For details, go to the membership section of our website, and join up.  You won’t regret it!