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3D PDF Implementor Forum (3DPDF-IF) – Test round 2

There is a lot of interest in what has been called “an innovative approach” to the Implementor Forum concept.  In addition to the traditional approach of validating CAD models, the 3DPDF-IF is testing how to best use 3D PDF in the context of a complete Technical Data Package (TDP).  This test round will include an evaluation of using 3D PDF in conjunction with STEP AP242 to create production level TDP’s that conform to MIL-STD-31000A.  The end result of this test round will be a series of Best Practice documents designed to assist enterprises in developing TDP’s in a consistent, repeatable, standardized manner that meets the unique needs of their MBE. Our plan is to be complete in advance of the DMC 2016 show in November.
Members of the consortium are making good progress while working with representatives of our partners on this project, PDES, Inc. and MBD 360.  If you want to find out more, please contact Phil.

New class

Development of the web-based 3D JavaScript class is moving forward.  The class will be complemented by the “Introduction to 3D PDF” class that was offered last year.  We are planning to deliver the class two times via webinar, sometime in June. We will be sending out a Doodle soon to let you help us choose the dates for the webinar.

New membership categories

The 3D PDF consortium is considering the addition of subsets to Associate Membership categories that would make it easier for government agencies, universities, and individual contractors to join the 3D PDF Consortium.  Although the current membership is open to these groups, there are no specific guidelines regarding the membership fees for them.  Our current plan is to roll out these new categories in June. If you have any questions, please contact Jerry.



April 12-14, Gaithersburg, MD

The consortium was represented at the MBE Summit by Jerry.  An excellent review of the event was written by Tom Barth of PROSTEP and can be found on our blog.

Catia Operator Exchange (COE)

April 10-13, San Antonio, TX

At GPDIS 2015, the consortium was invited to present at COE 2016. Phil attended this event and gave a presentation about Long Term Archiving using 3D PDF. We were joined at the event by consortium members ITI, PROSTEP, and Theorem Solutions. The event this year seemed a bit small and was dominated by aerospace customers. The presentation was well received and the feedback that we got at COE helped us to shape Test Round 2 of the 3D PDF Implementor Forum.

Upcoming events

ISO TC 171 WG 2 Meetings

May 16 – 20, Ghent, Belgium

Phil and Stuart Galt (Boeing) will be attending ISO meetings for the PDF standards next week. These are working meetings focused on developing new versions of the various PDF standards including PDF (ISO 32000:2), PDF/E (ISO 24517:2) and PRC (ISO 14739:2).

GPDIS 2016

Sept 26-29, Phoenix, AZ

The consortium will once again have a booth at this important aerospace event.

Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2016

Nov 28- Dec 1, Denver, CO

The 3D PDF Consortium will have a 30’X20’ space behind GE and near Boeing. Five consortium members will share the space.

Upcoming Projects

Call or email Jerry if you are interested in having projects mentioned in the consortium newsletter.


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