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3D PDF Implementor Forum (3DPDF-IF) – Test round 2

We want to thank our partners on this project, PDES, Inc., MBD 360 and Action Engineering for their continuing contributions to the 3DPDF-IF.

Thanks to input from our members and partners, this test round is developing nicely. We have used the feedback obtained in the definition phase to develop our test plan and have started the testing phase. We are taking a different approach in this test round compared to the traditional implementor forum approach of focusing on conversion and validation of CAD models. In Test Round 2, we are still testing CAD models but we are expanding the testing to include how to best use 3D PDF in the context of a complete Technical Data Package (TDP). This test round is focused on using 3D PDF in conjunction with STEP AP242 to create production level TDP’s that conform to MIL-STD-31000A. The result of this test round will be Recommended Practice documents designed to assist enterprises in developing TDP’s in a consistent, repeatable, standardized manner that meets the unique needs of their MBE. Our goal is to be complete and to present our results at GPDIS 2016 in September.

If you want to find out more, please contact Phil.


Development of the web-based 3D ECMAScript class is moving forward. The class will be complemented by the “Introduction to 3D PDF” class that was offered last year. We have scheduled a 3D PDF introduction webinar for July 13-14th and the 3D ECMAScript class will be held July 19-20th.

New Associate Membership Categories

The 3D PDF consortium has added three new Associate Membership categories that would make it easier for government agencies, universities, and small consulting contractors to join the 3D PDF Consortium. The 3D PDF Consortium Board has approved the new categories which will cost $1,000/year. Our website will have the new membership information available within the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact Jerry.


ISO TC 171 WG 2 Meetings

May 16 – 20, Ghent, Belgium

Phil and Stuart Galt (Boeing) attended ISO meetings for the PDF standards last month. Progress was made on developing new versions of the various PDF standards including PDF (ISO 32000:2), PDF/E (ISO 24517:2) and PRC (ISO 14739:2).

Upcoming events

GPDIS 2016

Sept 26-29, Phoenix, AZ

The 3D PDF Annual Meeting will be held at GPDIS again this year. The consortium will once again have a booth at this important aerospace event and will be presenting the results of the current 3D PDF Implementor Forum test round

Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2016

Nov 28- Dec 1, Denver, CO

The 3D PDF Consortium will have a 30’X20’ space behind GE and near Boeing. In addition to the five consortium members that will be sharing the space, we will also have representation of one of our partners, PDES, Inc. in the 3D PDF Consortium island. This will provide a unique opportunity for DoD manufacturing companies and organizations to gain a high level and detailed understanding of how STEP and 3D PDF are working together to help define the Future of MBE.

Upcoming Projects

Call or email Jerry if you are interested in having projects mentioned in the consortium newsletter.


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Administrative Contact:
Jerry McFeeters
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Phil Spreier