Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Standards

The 3D PDF Consortium develops and promotes high quality standards, recommended practices, technical reports, and industry specifications to support interoperability, interchangeability, and the global enterprise for information professionals. This standards program was formerly the AIIM Standards Program which began a transition to the 3D PDF Consortium in July 2017.

The 3D PDF Consortium is the administrator for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC171, Document Management Applications, SC2, Document File Formats, EDMS Systems and Information Authenticity. On behalf of ANSI, the Consortium is the secretary for ISO/TC171/SC2.

The AIIM Standards previously published are still valid but not available as ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. Shortly, the Consortium will seek accreditation as an ANSI Standards Development Organization (SDO). Once accredited by ANSI, an effort will be initiated to accredit the standards that were accredited under the AIIM Standards Program.

The standards program is in the process of rebuilding and encourages individuals and organizations to participate in the program. As the program evolves and in addition to standards being developed, there will be blog posts and resources developed, i.e., checklists, white papers, etc., to help organizations better manage their electronically stored information.

The following are some of the relevant domestic and international standards in the program:

  • AIIM 22-2017, Standard Recommended Practice – Strategy Markup Language – Part 2: Performance Plans and Reports (revision of ANSI/AIIM 22-2011)
  • AIIM 25: 2012, Assessing Trusted Systems for Compliance with Industry Standards and Best Practices
  • AIIM/ARMA TR48-2006, Revised Framework for Integration of Electronic Document Management Systems and Electronic Records Management Systems
  • AIIM ARP-1-2009, Analysis, Selection, and Implementation of Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)
  • AIIM 24: 2014, Best Practice – Strategy Markup Language – Part 3: Additional Elements
  • TR15-1997, Planning Considerations Addressing Preparation of Documents for Image Capture
  • TR17-1989, Facsimile and Its Role in Electronic Imaging
  • TR21-1991, Recommendations for the Identifying Information to be Placed on Write-Once_Read_many (WORM) and Rewritable Optical Disk (OD) Cartridge Label(s) and Optical Disk Cartridge Packing (Shipping Containers)
  • TR25-1995, The Use of Optical Disks for Public Records
  • TR26-1993, Resolution as it Relates to Photographic and Electronic Imaging
  • TR31-2004, Legal Acceptance of Records Produced by Information Technology Systems
  • TR33-1998, Selecting an Appropriate Image Compression Method to Match User Requirements
  • TR34-1996, Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes of Images in Electronic Image Management (EIM) and Micrographics Systems
  • TR38-1996, Identification of Test Images for Document Imaging Applications
  • TR41-2006, Optical Disk Storage Technology, Management and Standards

A listing of ISO standards published by ISO TC171 SC2 may be found at: https://www.iso.org/committee/53674/x/catalogue/p/1/u/0/w/0/d/0.

A list of the current ISO TC171 SC2 developing projects may be found at:https://www.iso.org/committee/53674/x/catalogue/p/0/u/1/w/0/d/0.

For more information on the standards program or to obtain a standard, please contact:

Betsy Fanning

Standards Director