ECM Standards Overview

The Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Standards program, a part of the 3D PDF Consortium, develops and promotes high quality standards, recommended practices, technical reports, industry specifications and checklists to support interoperability, interchangeability, and the global enterprise for information professionals. 

The 3D PDF Consortium is the administrator for the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO TC171, Document applications, SC2, document file formats, EDMS Systems and authenticity of information. On behalf of ANSI, the Consortium is the committee manager for ISO/TC171/SC2.

Specification or guideline



Business process baselining and analysis

ISO 10244

Documenting business processes

Specifies detailed information associated with documenting work and business processes, defining information required to be gathered ad procedures for evaluating and analyzing processes.

Strategy markup language (StratML) – Part 1: StratML core elements

ISO 17469-1

Drafting strategy plans and reports to better share information

Specifies an XML vocabulary and schema to be part of the essential core of the strategic plans for organizations.

Trusted storage sub-systems (TSS) functional and technical requirements

ISO 18759

Requirements for trusted storage systems

This document specifies the requirements for trusted storage sub-systems for storing and managing electronically stored information (ESI).

Document management – Assessing ECM/EDRM implementations – Trustworthiness

ISO 18829

Assessment of electronically stored information (ESI) being maintained reliably and in a trustworthy environment

This document identifies the activities and operations to be performed to evaluate whether electronically stored information (ESI) is maintained in a reliable and trustworthy manner.

Digital file format – Part 1: Recommendations for long-term storage

ISO 22299-1

Provides information on file formats that can be used for long-term storage

This document gives guidelines for evaluating the most appropriate file formats for storage, usability and exchange of data with a long-term management objective.

Digital file format – Part 2: Selection criteria

ISO 22299-2

Provides guidelines for selecting file formats for long-term storage

This document gives selection criteria for file formats used for long-term storage.

Note: Currently under development


Analysis, selection and implementation of enterprise content management (ECM) systems

ISO/TR 22957

Implementation guidelines

This document recommends a set of procedures and activities to perform when analyzing and implementing ECM technologies.

Checklist of activities

Provides a list of project phases and activities related to ECM projects.

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