About the 3D PDF Implementor Forum (3DPDF-IF)

The 3D PDF Implementor Forum is a 3D PDF Consortium project started in February, 2014. The forum is a joint testing program where member companies can test their ability to write 3D PDF documents that are accurate and compliant with PDF standards. The forum is run as a neutral environment where member companies can perform testing in an atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation.

The 3DPDF-IF conducts two test rounds per year. During a test round, the 3DPDF-IF provides its members with a set of CAD models that are designed to test specific 3D PDF functionality. The member companies convert the CAD models to PDF documents and submit them for validation. The PDF models are validated using the CADIQ software from consortium member company ITI Transcendata. Results are submitted by member companies and summarized by the 3D PDF Implementor Forum. The results of the test rounds are then used to identify and develop best practice guidelines for 3D PDF documents


The Forum’s goal is to ensure the quality and usability of 3D PDF in engineering workflows through cooperative testing. Toward this end, 3DPDF-IF members work together to define and publish best practices that build upon the published PDF standards.

Cooperative and Confidential

All members of the 3DPDF-IF agree to keep individual test results confidential. This allows members to openly discuss quality issues without concern of competitive consequences.


The 3D PDF Consortium has partnered with ITI to administer and lead the Forum . The two organizations bring significant expertise in 3D PDF, translation and validation.


  • Lead– Design and drive the best practices for publishing 3D PDF files.
  • Learn– Gain a broad understanding of the 3D PDF document formats (PDF, PDF/E, PRC and U3D) and opportunities for your products and industry.
  • Validate– Validate the accuracy of your 3D PDF product as well as conformance with the PDF and PDF/E standards.
  • Data– Access to industrial test suite data available only to 3DPDF-IF members.


  • Can my company participate in the 3DPDF-IF without being a member of the 3D PDF Consortium?No, all participants in the 3DPPDF-IF must be members of the 3D PDF Consortium.
  • Who determines requirements and testing criteria for a test roundFor the first test round, the 3DPDF-IF is participating in the NIST sponsored MBE PMI Validation and Conformance Testing project. All test models and criteria were defined by the NIST project.

    In the future, the member-based Industry and Technical Committees will identify and define the objectives for each testing round.

How to Join the 3D PDF Implementor Forum

We are just starting up the 3DPDF-IF. To find out more on how to join, please email technical.director@3dpdfconsortium.org.

More Information

Here are two presentations about the 3DPDF-IF; an introduction to the 3DPDF-IF and an overview of how the forum validates 3D PDF files.