Trustworthy Document Management Integrity and Assessment Technologies and Practices – (Working Group 2)

Description: This working group is responsible for the development of standards, technical reports, best practices and tools to help organizations assess the compliance of their electronically stored information (ESI) stored and managed by content/document/records management solutions.   This group develops standards and best practices to ensure the trustworthiness and integrity of the information. Areas that may be covered include assessment methodologies, auditing practices, etc.

  • ANSI/AIIM 25: 2012, Assessing Trusted Systems for Compliance with Industry Standards and Best Practices
  • ISO 18829:2017, Document management – Assessing ECM/EDRM implementations – Trustworthiness

Potential new projects (white paper, best practices):

  1. Recommended project activities to implement trustworthy storage solutions
  2. Using the industry assessment standard

For more information: 

Contact the working group chairman, Robert Blatt, EID, Inc. at or the Director, Standards, Betsy Fanning at