3D PDF Consortium merges with PDES, Inc.

We are excited to announce that in order to better serve members and promote the development of model-based standards that support the digital enterprise, the 3D PDF Consortium is merging operations with PDES, Inc.

Technical Data Packages are about to get a lot better…

PDF in Manufacturing

The 3D PDF Consortium and PDF Association teamed up to write this document about how PDF is used in digital manufacturing.

Learn how the worlds most popular document format can help tbe design, quality and manufacturing processes. If you send technical data to clients, executives, contractors, your supply chain, or anyone else then you should download and read it today!

Enabling the Digital Thread

Easily share all your model, drawing and business information with anyone, anywhere using the ubiquitous 3D PDF format.

Below you can find some great resources to inform and hopefully inspire you in your use of PDF for engineering. 

PDF Technical Data Packages (TDP)

Find out for yourself why PDF is the best format for technical data packages.


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Case Studies

The Boeing Company

Recommended Practices

Recommended Practices for using 3D PDF with MIL-STD-31000A
3D PDF Consortium

3D PDF Consortium


MIL-STD-31000A Example
3D PDF Consortium


TDP – Creo Data

TDP – Creo Data
Anark Corporation

TDP – NX Data
Anark Corporation

Archiving and Data Retention

Businesses, governments, institutions and individuals around the world need to digitally share important engineering information. Much of this information needs to be kept for substantial lengths of time; some needs to be kept permanently. This digital information needs to remain useable and accessible across multiple generations of technology.

Fortunately, PDF excels at both sharing and archiving engineering information. The international community has recognized this and developed two standards, PDF/A (ISO 19005) and PDF/E (ISO 24517) that establish guidelines for archiving PDF files independent of the tools and systems used for creating, storing or rendering the files.

Explore the links on the right to learn more about data retention and archiving using PDF.


The 3D PDF Consortium is the recognized expert in 3D PDF.

Our mission is to develop and promote open 3D standards and the products that use these standards. The 3D PDF Consortium is a category A liaison to ISO TC 171 SC 2 and we make a substantial contribution to the work of the technical committee. The Consortium serves as projectly leader for the ECMAScript for PDF (ISO 21757) and RichMedia annotations conforming to the ISO 10303:242 (STEP AP 242) specification (ISO TS 24064) documents.

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Instructional Videos

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