Newly-Formd 3D PDF Consortium to Host Tech Suite Briefing at COFES

Adobe, Tetra 4D, Tech Soft 3D, PROSTEP and others comprise organization committed to PDF/E and PRC standardization

Seattle, WA – April 11, 2011 – The newly-formed 3D PDF Consortium announced today that it will hold Tech Suite Briefings at COFES, the Congress on the Future of Engineering Software, which runs from April 14-17 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Members will discuss the consortium’s purpose and vision during the course of the congress, including two briefings on Friday, April 15.

The 3D PDF Consortium unites component providers, software vendors, developers and end users that support ISO 32000-2, PDF/E-2, and the PRC data format as open standards for exchanging, visualizing, archiving and retrieving 3D and other engineering data. The organization will participate in the formats’ ongoing ISO standardization process by advocating its members’ needs, working with Adobe Systems Incorporated to maintain Adobe Reader® support of the standard, and ensuring software vendors and developers can access the toolkits and API’s to publish 3D PDF.

“The industry is interested in breaking down the barriers that prevent 3D engineering data from moving reliably through workflows,” says Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz. “COFES is the perfect venue to discuss how our industry can work together to support the emerging ISO 32000-2 and PDF/E-2 standards, which will make 3D data more accessible to downstream consumers of 3D data.”

“The free Adobe Reader changed forever the way 2D documents are shared globally,” said Tetra 4D chief technology officer, Craig Trudgeon. “With the release of the PDF specification and the PRC 3D data format to ISO, Adobe set in motion the next wave of efficiency in the PLM market by providing a truly open standard for the exchange of 3D data.”

“We’re pleased to participate in the establishment of the 3D PDF Consortium,” said Kirk Gould, director of Engineering, Adobe. “When Adobe transferred ongoing responsibility for the development of the 3D CAD libraries within Acrobat to Tech Soft 3D, it was this type of industry focus and innovation we expected. The 3D PDF Consortium will provide Adobe with industry specific requirements that will aid us in continuing to evolve the support of PRC and the PDF/E-2 standard in Adobe Reader.”

ISO 32000-2 is targeted for publication by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2012. ISO 32000-2 will improve support for rich media from all sources. With high compression, accuracy and fidelity, the PRC file format captures the original structure of 3D CAD data and can be viewed within PDF, a format accessible to 98% of internet-enabled computers worldwide.


COFES is a unique conference that focuses on intense sessions of discussion, argument and debate on issues that will affect businesses that invest in and depend upon engineering technologies. The 12th annual COFES runs Thursday, April 14 through Sunday, April 17. See the COFES Web site for additional information on the agenda, keynote speakers and registration. Those interested in attending COFES can contact Ron Fritz at to arrange an invitation.

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