Membership Information

Membership in the 3D PDF Consortium is open to all who wish to participate in the continued development of the 3D PDF standard and/or incorporate 3D PDF into engineering, collaboration, technical publication, archiving, and other 3D workflows. Companies of all kinds are represented:

  • Commercial Industry members
  • Governmental agencies
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Systems Integrators
  • Individual developers.

Membership Levels and Fees

The Consortium offers three levels of membership: Associate, Strategic and Governing. Annual membership fees are tiered based on the membership level and the size of the member organization. Below is a schedule of dues and privileges for each membership level: For more information on the rights, privileges, and responsibilities, please see the Membership Application, or email us with your questions.

More Information

If needed, please refer to the 3D PDF Consortium Bylaws for organization information.

Additional information such as our Certificate of Incorporation, can be obtained by contacting us via email.

Join Us Now!

If you have made the decision to join, please fill out the Membership Application and email the signed PDF to us.